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We believe finances should never be in the way of quality dentistry that our patients deserve. We have different financial options including dental savers plan to meet individual patients needs. 

We accept Cash, Personal Checks, and all Major Credit cards as forms of payment for all dental services rendered. Unless there are extenuating circumstances or extensive treatment plans, we usually request for patient to make payment for services rendered at the time of their appointment. Discounts are available for prepayment prior to service.

We also offer financing through CareCredit. CareCredit is a third-party financing company endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA). It offers low monthly payments and special financing options, such as no-interest-if-paid-in-full promotional periods on qualifying purchases. 

For those who have dental insurance, we proudly accept all dental insurance plans. We are in-network with Delta Dental PPO and United Concordia only. However, whether your plan is in-network or out-of-network with us, we will gladly submit your claims on your behalf to get you the most value for your time.

About Us

We combine modern technology with a conservative and patient-focused approach to dentistry. We treat patients from children to grandparents and adjust our care to meet the needs and wants of each patient.

From preventative care to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Zobrist and his staff take a personalized approach when it comes to taking care of your teeth, focusing on one patient at a time, explaining needed treatment options and answering any questions that you may have. 

With a less is more philosophy, it is Dr. Zobrist’s desire to deliver predictable and straight-forward treatment. This is best accomplished by educating our patients on their current dental conditions and choosing the best corrective course to achieve long lasting results.

" I broke a tooth in my denture on vacation. Thank God for masks because there wasn’t anyone in Hot Springs that could fix it. I found Dr Zobrist on the internet and I’m so blessed that I did. I was able to get an appt on the same day I called and my denture was repaired like new within an hour!!! He also corrected a problem I had with my implants. Can I say he’s absolutely amazing!!! Now I can go back to work and smile smile smile!!! If you are a denture wearer and have a problem or in need of a new set of dentures Go See Dr. Zobrist!!!! I wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars!!! "

Tamara Michael

" Dr. Zobrist and all the ladies are awesome! Going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do in the world. These folks make me no longer dread it so much. Really, really like these folks. Thank y'all. "  

Keegan Bumpous

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A special focus of our practice is bringing smiles to patients with denture problems. Having previously owned and operated a denture lab, Dr. Zobrist understands the difficulties that many patients with dentures experience, and has since devoted a significant portion of his practice to improving denture comfort and care. 

Advanced Denture Technology
Same Day Denture Repairs & Relines
Take Home Preview Dentures
Solutions for Sore/Loose Dentures
Compassionate & Personalized Care

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Our Unique Denture Process

By utilizing CAD/CAM technology versus traditional methods, Dr. Zobrist has developed a unique process to design and create natural-looking dentures that fit better and are more durable. To begin, a 3D printed copy of the patient’s original denture or an impression is made as a starting point to design the new denture. This digitally printed copy denture is then modified to correct any deficiencies in the teeth or denture base. 

It is then lined with an impression material that slowly conforms to provide a very accurate impression of the mouth. This trial denture is then digitally scanned and a prototype denture is designed and created, which is evaluated for appearance, fit and function. This Prototype denture can be worn home and used by the patient for several weeks. This customized technique allows Dr. Zobrist to pinpoint any concerns that the patient might have before the final denture is fabricated.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

  • CAD-CAM technology eliminates human error and contributes to the most precise, comfortable fit possible.
  • Improved aesthetics are possible not only with the materials used but by the ability to digitally position the teeth in a more natural appearance.
  • A digital prototype can be worn home and tried out to identify any concerns or make changes the patient may want.
  • Digital dentures are up to 8x stronger than their traditionally fabricated counterparts. These new high tech materials have exceptional hardness and wear resistance making your new denture chew better and last longer than ever before.
  • This more durable material also allows us to provide you with a thinner denture base and a better bond between the base and the tooth which helps prevent the teeth from coming loose or breaking off of the base.
  • As these dentures are more bio-hygienic, being less porous, they reduce mouth irritations and odors.
  • Digital denture technology can be used to create both implant-supported and non-implant prosthetics.
  • A permanent digital record of the final denture is stored which can be used in the future if a replacement or duplicate denture is required.
  • In the future if changes are wanted or needed, this denture can be the prototype to start from, saving both time and money.

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Request Your Complimentary Denture Consultation!

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Denture Repairs

In addition to designing new dentures, we offer many other helpful solutions for patients with dentures or partials. These include:

  • Relining loose or sore dentures and partials which no longer fit well
  • Repair cracked, broken, or worn dentures and partials
  • Replace missing or chipped teeth
  • Implant options to stabilize loose dentures
  • Most often dentures and partials can be repaired on-site the same day

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  • Temporary Reline – a silicone gel that is designed to last a few months. Normally this is used in dentures of people who have had their natural teeth extracted or to improve the health of their tissue before new dentures are made and put in place.
  • Direct Reline – this is also known as a chairside reline. With this one, the direct reline material is inserted into the denture and allowed to set in the mouth while you wait in the dentist’s chair. A direct reline is available in both a hard and soft base and can be used as a long term solution for fitment issues.
  • Lab Processed Reline – this is completed by placing slow conforming impression materials inside your existing denture and sending to a denture lab. The lab will process the new material into the denture, giving the fit of a new denture. This may take a day or so to complete. 
  • Soft Reline – used mainly in full lower denture, it allows for more protection and comfort for people who may have sensitive gums and little or no bone support. It is bonded to your denture. The denture base being softer will be less irritating to your tissues which can help with sore spots.
  • Rebase – This is the process of refitting a denture by replacing the entire denture base. It’s done by taking a new impression inside the denture, completely removing the old acrylic and adding a new acrylic base around the existing teeth. This is recommended for dentures that have multiple repairs, discoloration or are very thin.

Denture Relines

Dentures are not indestructible. If too much force is placed upon them or if you should drop them, they will break. Biting down on hard foods, clenching and grinding or dropping your dentures can crack the base, chip a tooth or cause a tooth to come off. If a tooth breaks off the denture, please keep that tooth as it fits the denture perfectly and matches the other teeth. Also do not attempt to repair the denture or partial with super glue or over the counter products. Generally this will ruin the prosthesis and will make it much more difficult to fix and increase the cost of the repair.

We understand that your smile matters, and so does your time. If your denture needs an emergency repair we can usually fix it that same day. However, the time it takes to repair a denture depends on the severity of the damage. We might be able to repair a chipped tooth in a couple of hours but more complicated issues may take 24 hours or more to repair.

Dentures often show early signs of potential damage. Often, an improper fit is the most common cause of cracked dentures.  Dr. Zobrist recommends periodically looking for any areas of damage or new signs of wear. Signs of wear generally include bite marks from the teeth that are chewing into the denture or the denture not fitting as well or not having the suction it used to have. As you speak or chew, your dentures apply pressure on one another repeatedly. Over time poor fitting, misaligned dentures will overstress a specific area, causing a break that will only continue to worsen. For areas of damage, check the gum portion of the denture using light to shine through it to evaluate for any cracks forming.

Comfortable and well-fitting dentures require a tight fit against your gum tissue. However changes in bone and gum structure can occur throughout your lifetime eventually causing your dentures to become loose. Ill-fitting dentures can cause sores and infection, and may make chewing and speaking more difficult. In addition poorly fitting dentures can also contribute to problems by wearing down the bone and soft tissues in your mouth more quickly.   A denture reline will resurface your dentures to conform to the changing contours of your mouth for a better fit and feel. 

As a general rule, your dentures should be relined every 5-10 years. However loose fitting dentures are the best indication. Relines are just a normal part of denture maintenance and crucial to the health of the oral tissue and bone support of your mouth. A reline is not always the best procedure for a denture with excessively worn or broken teeth.

Types of Denture Relines

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Meet Our Dentist

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Stephen M. Zobrist, D.D.S.

Practicing more than 25 years, Dr. Z has experience practicing in many different aspects of dentistry. He has taken care of two retired dentists in Baton Rouge, Dr. Arthur Moles and Dr. LD Lacour, he has owned and operated a denture lab in Denham Springs and compassionately treated children in his office in Summit Mississippi. 

Dr. Z is passionate about the needs of his patients. He has dedicated endless hours of dental education and continual advancements of his clinical skills, as well as staying current with advanced technology in the continually growing and ever-changing dental industry. Being committed to comprehensive patient-centered dental care, our office strives to please our patients.

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